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What is it used for?
Monday, 30 December 2013 00:00

La "Boite à feu" litteraly translated by "the fire's box" is a traditional procédé that has been used for ages in lighting his own fireplace. Its technical matters are excatly the same. It is made of a very special stone called refractory stone that not only is special technical value are to resist on very hight temperature as hot as fire, but it has also the interesting value of absorbing liquid, like for instance  the petroleum without smell! It is transformed so in a flam big enought to light directly your wood, without any thing else, as piece of paper, little wood or other article existing product to do so. Point on which, the product " la boite à feu " is barely different with  its competitors is that the refractory stone is contained in an airtight box, set with a special lock system called "twistt off". More practical, economical and safe, so.


To end with, the product would not be succefully complete if it was not set with a gripping area to set the hook.

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